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  1. & Facebook - Connected!

    We've made logging into a whole lot easier! The site now features the 'Facebook Connect' tool which, when activated, will let you login using your Facebook details (provided you're logged into facebook!) at the click of a button!

    To set this up, just follow these simple steps:

    - IMPORTANT! ***login to first!!***
    - click on the 'Connect' button at the top of the screen (if you're not logged into Facebook, you'll
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  2. We're back - finally (again)!

    This may sound like a very familiar story to some who've followed what we've been up to a little closer than others - but we're back! After more fights with hosting companies, domain name registrars (and a recession-induced cash shortage!), I believe we've finally found a good home for to finally have a settled period ahead of it.

    One of the things I was keen to do, as the guy behind the technical side of things, was to find a completely new look to go with our ...

    Updated 15th April 2010 at 11:03 AM by Trevor Hannant

    Technical Stuff